Monday, October 3, 2016

Not Sure Why The Word "Woman" Appears Three Times In A Donald Trump Quote

[Hillary Clinton is] a really sarcastic woman. To sum up -- and I'll tell you the other thing: She's an incompetent woman. And I've seen it. She's an incompetent woman.
-- Donald Trump to CNN


Yet Another Steve said...

Well, they say if you're adding a new word to your vocabulary, you should use it ten times the first day. Only seven to go for Donald. Presumably "woman" will be more voter-friendly than his current terms of "cow" "fat pig" "slut" and "bimbo."

RomanHans said...

REGULAR PERSON: [Hillary Clinton is] really sarcastic. To sum up -- and I'll tell you the other thing: She's incompetent. And I've seen it. She's incompetent.

Yet Another Steve said...


RomanHans said...

Trump uses the word "woman" so often it sounds like part of the slur. Here are some other Trump insults:

"[Rick Perry] put on glasses so people will think he's smart."
"[Lawrence O'Donnell] is a fool!”
"[John McCain] graduated last in his class at Annapolis -- dummy!”

Notice what's missing? The word "man."