Friday, August 14, 2015

Had Me/Lost Me


Earlier this year, the BBC reported the story of Gabi Mann, an 8-year-old Seattle girl who has a remarkable relationship with the neighborhood crows. In exchange for food, the birds gift Gabi with such things as earrings, bolts, paperclips, and polished rocks. The story attracted international attention, while also provoking interest into avian intelligence.

Unfortunately, the birds brought Gabi's family another gift. A $200,000 lawsuit filed by neighbors says “[l]arge numbers of birds swarm the feeding operation daily, leaving behind dirt, feathers, peanut particles and shells, feces and urine on the surrounding properties.”


Allegedly, the parents have hired employees to fill the feeding troughs,

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jeesau said...

so they get pelted with the neighbors' garbage and verbal abuse instead of their daughter. Genius.

I look forward to more installments of "had me/lost me."