Monday, March 2, 2015

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Sure to be this year's hottest action thriller is Run All Night, starring Liam Neeson and Ed Harris. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and penned by veteran screenwriter Brad Ingelsby, you're sure to be on the edge of your seat with hair-raising scenes like this:

LIAM NEESON [VOICEOVER]: A night finally came for me to pay for the things I'd done.

ED HARRIS: You killed my son.

LIAM NEESON: I pulled the trigger to protect my son.

ED HARRIS: I'm coming after your boy with everything I got.

LIAM NEESON: As long as you're coming after my boy, I'm coming after you.

ED HARRIS: My son was very important to me.

LIAM NEESON: Not as important as my son.

ED HARRIS: Everybody loved my son. He led U of Miss football to victory in three straight seasons.

LIAM NEESON: My son sold his internet startup for half a million and nearly banged a supermodel.

ED HARRIS: My son was a real handful. He racked up fifteen hundred dollars in speeding tickets after I bought him that Mustang.

LIAM NEESON: My son wouldn't spit on a Mustang after Farrah Fawcett drove one in Charlie's Angels.

WAITRESS: You guys ready to order?

LIAM NEESON: Yeah. I'll have the usual.

ED HARRIS: Me too.

WAITRESS: Okay. I'll be right back with those.

ED HARRIS: What were we talking about?

LIAM NEESON [CHUCKLING]: I forgot too. [PAUSE] Wait. I think we were talking about our sons.

ED HARRIS: That's right. You never should have gotten near my son.

LIAM NEESON: I'd resurrect your son and chop him into little pieces if he so much as touched a hair on my son.

ED HARRIS: My daughter -- eh.

LIAM NEESON: I know. Chicks are like that.

ED HARRIS: If you came after my daughter, I'd be angry. I might be furious. But I probably wouldn't come after you.

LIAM NEESON: I wouldn't come after your daughter. I'd send my wife after your daughter.

ED HARRIS: If your wife came after my daughter, I'd send my wife after your wife. But nobody's gonna make a movie out of that.

LIAM NEESON: I know, right?

WAITRESS: Here's your breakfast. Enjoy!


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