Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I've been looking for mascara for macho men for nigh on twenty years, so when I spotted Tex Mex's Eyebrow Pencil for Men at a Japanese drug store I just couldn't pass it up. Clearly this ain't no sissy Maybelline: no, now I can tweeze and shape my unruly brows like they do on the Rio Grande.

Ordinarily I'm a little wary of foreign brands like Tex Mex, but if these are the same dudes who turned boring old chicken into fiery fajitas then I'm dying to see what they can do with my face.

Just remember: don't overpluck because that shit never grows back, pardner.

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Yet Another Steve said...

"Tex Mex Eyebrow Pencil" - ??? Oh man, the LAST thing I would want on my face are Mexican eyebrows. Have you seen those gals? They draw on their eyebrows and lip liner with a Sharpie.