Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gorgeous Portraits Capture The Feminine Side of Masculinity (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post has a lovely photo essay today. I'll let them explain.

Nir Arieli's portrait series "Men" places men in traditionally feminine spaces and postures, illuminating the human characteristics that have, over time, become decidedly feminine traits. The following male muses are making us wish men felt free to explore their feminine sides more often.

Ms. Arieli gives Hanno musically-oriented props to indicate that this classless Neanderthal may actually respond to something other than pork rinds and baseball scores. He is clearly occupying an unfamiliar space: he's thinking. And not thinking about adding a back deck to the house, but about his place in the universe, his role in society, and how many calories are in rice pudding.

Paul's little trip to Gayville comes courtesy of adding one accessory and ditching another: he's lying on an effeminate bedspread and not eating a pulled pork sandwich. This portrait isn't entirely successful because it's obvious he's faking his vulnerability to get his girlfriend to blow him. Also, Paul often finds himself on a woman's bedspread because he has eighteen roommates and hasn't done his laundry since 1982.

You'll notice a lot of these models are lying down. Men don't do that a lot, because they don't have to wait for themselves to come home from work.

Tal's posture is traditionally feminine because only women aren't smart enough to find their way out of tide pools when it gets really cold. Her family is loading the ice chest, recliners and umbrella into the station wagon and she's like, "Wait! I suddenly realized why Paul never called me back in the summer of 1983!"

Can't wait 'til Ms. Arieli captures women in traditionally masculine spaces and postures, but I guess there aren't many betting parlors left and there's like zero female models willing to kick a dog. Thanks, Huffington Post!


jeesau said...

What about the crying portraits? Are they portraying the role women have played in chopping onions?

RomanHans said...

Women: chopping onions, lying down, and having sensible haircuts since 1973.